Packaging and distribution

Creating a package

PDO drivers are released via PECL; all the usual rules for PECL extensions apply. Packaging is accomplished by creating a validpackage.xmlfile and then running:

$ pecl package

This will create a tarball namedPDO_SKEL-X.Y.Z.tgz.

Before releasing the package, you should test that it builds correctly; if you've made a mistake in yourconfig.m4orpackage.xmlfiles, the package may not function correctly. You can test the build, without installing anything, using the following invocation:

$ pecl build package.xml

Once this is proven to work, you can test installation:

$ pecl package
$ sudo pecl install PDO_SKEL-X.Y.X.tgz

Full details aboutpackage.xmlcan be found in the PEAR Programmer's documentation(»

Releasing the package

A PDO driver is released via the PHP Extension Community Library(PECL). Information about PECL can be found at »