Table definitions

Session table definition

CREATE TABLE php_session(sess_id text, sess_name text, sess_data text, sess_created integer, sess_modified integer, sess_expire integer, sess_addr_created text, sess_addr_modified text, sess_counter integer, sess_error integer, sess_warning integer, sess_notice integer, sess_err_message text, sess_custom text); CREATE INDEX php_session_idx ON php_session USING BTREE(sess_id);

If you useHASHforINDEX, you'll have a deadlock problem when the server load isveryhigh. Even if it's unlikely to have a deadlock under normal operation, it can occur.Do not useHASHforINDEX.

You may change the session table as long as all fields are defined.

Application variables table definition

CREATE TABLE php_app_vars(app_modified integer, app_name text, app_vars text);